Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

Haha Awesome!

I love your art work and notes it really adds to the game.


Great series! I think Shane should come back in the story branches despite canon, kind of like a cowardly feeble Kenny who dies for comic relief.

"No, we might need him for food later."

Most zombie apocalypse games aren't so great. This one differentiates itself by a "choose your ending" style story. It's funny, witty, and downright crazy sometimes. You have the choice of where to start, depending on which story arc you decide. (Note: the 4 different arcs correspond with the 4 endings of TS2, so I would suggest playing 1 and 2 first)

I like the art style used for the game, it compliments the mood. The music is great too, laid back. I like the characters... well, minus Shane. Useless f***. The second story arc has the best beginning... just saying. ;)

Of course I had to play all the story lines and search for the medals, being the completionist that I am. Some of them are pretty damn funny.

Great game, great series. Hope there's going to be more.

Nice game 8

A good game, i like the pictures but i not understand all trama because I'm Spanish, If translate the game at others languages, the game will be perfect. And sorry for my grammar.

very good zombie game

i realy liked this game but i feel bad because the first ending (man in wilderness anna died)always end bad (or so as i played trought) but still is a very good game