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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

One of the best games on this site easily.

This game series has quickly become one of my favorites. I think the characters are interesting (except Shane), as is the plot and I like choose-your-own-adventure games. I like the turn this installment took with you fighting *spoilers* other humans. I am a bit disappointed that you aren't making a point of showing the special kinds of zombies (?) and their origins. Luckily I can assume you will bring that up in the next game. Anyway, godspeed with making the next game in the series (as long as it's half as good as any of the other entries it will be great). If it wasn't for the fact that people are put off by the choose your own adventure games and games that are part of series they haven't played, this would be easily Weekly 1st if not higher (I know what I said :P).


IT'S SQUASHIN' MY WOMAN!...awesome medal dude,i got all of them btw...


I'll take those... Yes the smashface brand... So when people really piss me off, I'll be ride mah hog smashing their face in Mwa ha ha, lol.

Haha Awesome!

I love your art work and notes it really adds to the game.


Great series! I think Shane should come back in the story branches despite canon, kind of like a cowardly feeble Kenny who dies for comic relief.