Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

just bought a ticket for the s.s.BADASS

So after playing the total fucknuts out of this series I can proudly say that this is a very, very well thought out story. The only problem i seem to be having is the fact that the on Man in the Wilderness ending where anna dies you cant seem to actually win. Regardless of any choices made. Regardless this is an amazing game with humor in proper sections of the story.

...Also boobs.

Hahaha i´ve played this game several times and i didnt noticed the best quote "That´s sweat pervo" lol, that made my day, and for that i´ll give you 5 stars.

this game is pretty cool, but if you start with "gambling fever" shane is alive, he was supposed to be dead.

I really quite dig this game quite a bit. It continues nicely from the sequel, and the branching plotlines, while a bit confusing if you play them all in one sitting, are very much in accordance with the choose-your-own-adventure genre. Very nice.