Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

I wouldn't've thought that this Series could go better... Wow :D

Humorous and engaging.

Did I mention humorous?

Great job man, always a pleasure to play these!

Could you please help me with "Fried Jesus" Medal?

This game is brilliant! I liked how you continued the story from all of the multiple endings of the previous game, making all of them their own continuity. However, from what I recall about playing this series quite a while back (more or less a year or two before I officially joined Newgrounds), I see that you didn't ever continue the story of "A Man in the Wilderness (Anna lived...)" in any of the sequels. I'd like to see that story continued please, because seeing the main character and Anna riding through the zombified wasteland as a badass couple in an armored car is pretty sweet in my opinion.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah I always wanted to continue that one, but I needed a break and have yet to return to the game :D It's a lot of work! Thanks for all the comments and feedback, appreciate them all! :D

im sorry its killing me is there an ending to a lone man in the wilderness if anne died cause i cant seem to get the ending i always die please please please let me know

Hyptosis responds:

It has been a long time since i played the game (or made it) but I don't think there is a safe ending on that tree. That is the tree where your character slowly starts to lose his mind due to isolation correct? If it IS that tree, there is no good ending. The concept was an exploration of how people sometimes can't cope with being alone for long periods of time.