Reviews for "Fallout 3 Parody"

-_- and so a good game finds a hater... (or not)

You make it sound like Fallout 3 is a bad game, and by what i've seen it's pretty good. Though i have not played it =(

DeadBroadcast responds:

Oh, I am a fan of Fallout 3, this is just the reaction of the Lone Wanderer being stuck in post-apocalyptic hell.

Not Bad

You stayed true to the game and even used some of the games own sounds too, I've spent many of hours roaming around the wasteland in Fallout 3, I always thought it was funny how you can stop a battle just by targeting(V.A.T.S.) but this was funny i like how you questioned everything.

DeadBroadcast responds:

Yeah, VATS just seemed way too convenient, it's a shame that the game is next to impossible without it.


animation was good but there was almost no sound! becouse of that you get 6

Needs more sound

Your animation was really good and the majority was pretty funny, but there was just so much silence throughout. Maybe add either some vocals or some atmospheric noises in the background.

Also the title could do with being given a more original name than "Fallout 3 Parody"

DeadBroadcast responds:

Thanks for the review, I've never really been good at sound editing and I honestly had no idea what to name it.

True to Parody

Very funny. I laughed out loud in a few spots. Vocals would have bumped it up to a 9 or 10. The script is perfect. Nice work.

DeadBroadcast responds: