Reviews for "Fallout 3 Parody"

Damn Decent

Great animation, would definitely like to see this expanded. Next time voice acting is a must, if your not comfortable with doing it I may be able to help, contact me.

Great anim, 4/5


it was acutally pretty funny make another one haha


TBH (i'll probly get flamed for this) vats was the worst part of the game, awesome game, but vats always left me bieing whacked by a supermutant while the camera was following a bullet. its completly out of place in the middle of a fight for everything to stop and all interest (for way too long) follows one action.
more for the parody, i think u need more sound, voices but sometimes its hard to stop voices sounding silly... possably the dialogue boxes need to be more pollished, same with the notifications, it looks too hand drawn.

DeadBroadcast responds:

I can't tell you how many times the game crashed for me because of fucking VATS. Autosaves FTW.

OK flash

Nothing out of this world , i think that voices would have made it way better.
It seems as if everything was a bit too silent , and even if there were subtitles , i think all the jokes could have been funnier with a bit more sound.
But that's not the only problem , you got some facts wrong.
The guards never told you to stay out or anything , the door closed before they could catch you.
And it wasn't a school , it was an abandoned Market.
Other than that the jokes were kinda cool , really. Not bad.

@WolfBlade333 : Did you even read the title? it says "Parody" right there. It's a PARODY.

DeadBroadcast responds:

http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Springv ale_School
Seriously, it's right next to Vault 101.

its not so good

um sound would make it good but also not making parody of good games would make it better

DeadBroadcast responds:

Shitty games are too easy to make fun of.