Reviews for "Fallout 3 Parody"

fawlout is ghey, moden warfa

is muc h bettr. maek a moden warfer on.
fallot is broken

DeadBroadcast responds:


Great job!

I laughed!

DeadBroadcast responds:

Thanks, dewd!

it was good

i liked it i think he should make a nother one becuse in fallout you dont die when your head gets crippled


u got rabes


awesome vid bro, pretty awesome to see what you make when you end up finsihing stuff :)
cant wait for your next vid

also that jason guys sounds like a pretty cool person if hes played that much fo3

*also only 9/10 coz it didnt have fawkes in it :P

DeadBroadcast responds:

Really no, Jason is my worst friend and I will rip out your gullet if you don't agree.
(wink, wink, cough cough...)