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Reviews for "Blue Nova 067"

pretty cool

awesome like your way of animation the characters move so fast

Good job.

I like how loose the aniamtion looks. It was short.

Quite good, I'd like to see a series out ofi t

In my opinion you have a good style, it's easy on the eyes and to follow. So even though there's a lot of action it feels like you can follow the fight.

Good choice of music to go with it to. Anything megaman like robotwise with megaman music is win. Personjally I wouldn't adjust the boobs like so many people care about, I mean really, it's not hentai, go perv elsewhere, this was about combat, which was done well. It's a character, and not all characters were designed for you to wank at.

So if you're up to the task, throw in a story, a few more characters, and I bet you'll have one of the bigger hits in NG. (Voice naturally)

As far as a Robot Day submission? Perfect. The only minor thing I could think of that would of added more engagement to the fight would be a bit of voice, Link style. Not words but just to add to the intensity of the fight and emphasis on the struggle. A shout here as she fires a shot or response to impact etc.



In a world of total boredom or in the beginning of animation,this would have been at least a 12,because it was good and exciting,but the picture was a little fuzzy and, forgive my non-words,amatuerish.If your just starting,then it's fine.

animation is great

I'm missing the exciting/interesting part, the animation is rough but pretty great.

What we think is mostly driven by emotions, think of that when you create a fight, what are the characters fighting for.

Also the boob animation at the end should get the most attention when animating, make the breasts firmer, it increases the appeal for the flash.
You're not a realist so make breasts look as if they're the ones Plato was talking about when he explained his Allegory of the Cave.
Otherwise your artwork is imperfect or like that by choice.