Reviews for "Blue Nova 067"

Epic action!

Darius Twin music FTW! It was the music that got me but the action was very well played too.

not bad

and i agree with android down there i mean wen i saw it i was shocked how her body looked i was like WHAAAAAA but still it was god :)


Fix the last frames(with a girl) and you will notice your score will rise up to 4.85 pretty soon(if you draw a really hot chick) :)
Cheers! :)


it reminds me of ultraman

Robot Day has begun!

It's great to really get into the robot feel with the best robot submission I have reviewed so far. The thing that was the most disturbing was the girl's breasts. Seriously, they just looked off model in this. Anyway, what's great is that this is a great robot fight as anyone else would intend. It's the same kind of thing you would expect from any other popular artist on Newgrounds. It kind of reminded me of the animation by Egoraptor.

I have come to recognize and adore your style. You really place emphasis on the way the characters move around with their colors and lines. I can tell that the music used for this was derived from the Mega Man games. You can never go wrong with that style. Congradulations on front page and keeping your awesome work up!