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Reviews for "Blue Nova 067"


Ive been around the animation block and seen alot of work, and I have to say this is one of the great pieces of work. There is though even on great work still flaws, but the only one i found was the enemy mecha could have used more detail to equal that of the good mecha. Other than that it is great.

I love it! But I have a question.....

Will there be a sequel?

Love it!

Short and sweet and the lighting effects were awesome! Hope to see more work from you!


Could probably use a few more tweens, I was often left wondering where the hell the limbs went as they often seemed to just disappear and reappear without really showing any transition from the starting position to the end position. If that makes any sense. Doesn't really feel like robots "dashing" really fast, just feels like you'd gotten to a point in this thing where you'd put so much work into it that you didn't feel like putting in tweens anymore.
The pilot was kind of... off-putting, too. I mean, I understand that human anatomy probably isn't your strongest suit, but the girl just felt half-assed. Unless this was purposefully meant to be a satyre of generic teenage-girl-piloting-giant-robot animes.
The sound effects were awesome though.

good job

i absolutely loved it lil short though but entertaining