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Reviews for "Stealing the Diamond"

omg COD refrence :)

don't worry, he probaly camped to get those 25 kills for that nuke ;) and im not telling you how to get it MUHAHAHAHAHA!

so awesome

i like this game and on another website i have won all ways:1st epic way 2nt undetected 3rd aggressive


epic way: Sneak In, Pick Axe, Plane, Left arrow, Super Mushroom, Click On The Cog
Aggresive Way: Bust in, Press The R Key, shield, Tow Cable, Rock Bubble, Diamond.
Undetected Way: Sneak In, Teleporter, Penny, Wire, Hammer, Plank, Diamond.

Hope this Helps

just as fun as Break The Bank

fun, lots to do and good graphics. keep it up. man. :)

PuffballsUnited responds:

Will do


bout time the bloody teleporter works..
anyway, such an epic game. well done

PuffballsUnited responds:

You'd think he'd have given up on it by now.