Reviews for "Stealing the Diamond"

Haw doo u get seecret medal?

i missed this game and i hope that a new one will come out better than fleeing the complex i just wish i could play the stickman series all day

Some advice for medal hunters first:
the Agressive ending might have that 40th fail you're looking for- just keep an eye out for a secret option- it could be hidden in plain sight ... or very close to another option ( i'd tell you outright but i dont wanna be that big a turd for puffball here sorry XD )

This game even for a stick animation it's amazing- probably one of the best games still on newgrounds- and deffinately appart of one of the best game series ever made for Newgrounds

In my opinion, this is one of the most iconic games of all time!

This is my all time favorite! I played the one on mobile when I was about 10 years old! I like the undetected ending because you get rich and get a giant boat! and the Epic ending! the Epic ending is the best because Henry stick man poses where his foot is on the diamond and he stares off at the sky, and the badass music.