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Reviews for "G.I.N.A part 4"


I've been anticipating this for some months now!! Way to deliver and exceed the expectations of my own imagination. I'm a huge fan of Heavy Metal. This would make an excellent side story for the legacy now that I think about it. And now I gotta wait for the next one. Great job at leaving everyone in complete suspense, might I add. It has way more depth than Primal War. You're going to make it big some where down the line, man. Keep it up!

nice work man

this is probly my favorite of yours yet! - - my main qualm though is with the voice work - - im not sure who currently is doing it - but it sounds like the mic quality may be a bit low and a bit unprofessional? - - perhaps consider tapping into newgrounds talent! there are many super talented voice actors with pro qual mics that im sure would love to voice for you! - - other then that - this is great! i love the suspense and attention to SFX - - later!


i'm really impressed this is my first time watching your flash and i'm impressed it froze at the beginning but that is my mac's problem but really impressed


Everything is just great! Top notch work! Animation as always perfect. It has a story and interesting characters. One little thing that I didn't like was dialogues. You should work more on that. But everything else was perfect. Keep it up!
P.S. I dont understand why it has not so many views?


This is getting more and more thrilling with each new episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!