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Reviews for "G.I.N.A part 4"

nice work man

this is probly my favorite of yours yet! - - my main qualm though is with the voice work - - im not sure who currently is doing it - but it sounds like the mic quality may be a bit low and a bit unprofessional? - - perhaps consider tapping into newgrounds talent! there are many super talented voice actors with pro qual mics that im sure would love to voice for you! - - other then that - this is great! i love the suspense and attention to SFX - - later!


I've been anticipating this for some months now!! Way to deliver and exceed the expectations of my own imagination. I'm a huge fan of Heavy Metal. This would make an excellent side story for the legacy now that I think about it. And now I gotta wait for the next one. Great job at leaving everyone in complete suspense, might I add. It has way more depth than Primal War. You're going to make it big some where down the line, man. Keep it up!

Old school + New School

Wonderfully done. I always feel a bit lost in terms of the story ... but it's there. And the action is excellent.

Amazing addition to the series........

the 3D elements are superb , it has a movie / video game feel . I loved it.


this kinda reminds me of Metroid prime!