Reviews for "Murloc RPG: SF"


Don't talk to the stand in the machine guy, he freezes the game.

un-mediocre responds:

The game won't freeze. You should click on one of the responses.

Damn i remember that...

It was long time ago i played that game. Liked it very much :)

Here are some recommendations :

- Hot key buttons (for backpack, skills, inventory etc.)
- Also Esc = Close tabs ;) kinda painly to click that X all the time...

Good luck!

Best Flash RPG EVAR!

I usually hate Strategic Fighting instead of Real Time Action, but this fighting sequence is EPIC!

great game, i love these murloc games you made, even if there are only 3 so far... MAKE MORE! :D
oh, and make it so you can move things in your invintory! that was irritating for me.

*kinda sorta spoiler alert*
and i saw those harpys you snuck in there... that had me confused for a bit there :P

the first game i ever played