Reviews for "Murloc RPG: SF"

Cool but...

cool but what are thouse frog like creatures the should make murloc series with humans but good ame all my 10/10 5/5 for this

Ever loved this game, i replayed this many many time, so much memories...
For cooldudeomega, NO in wow there are kobold miners, dwarwes (not midget -.-) are in ironforge, not in the mines!

Great game! I loved it before and I still do, I played this years before now, I could never figure out and always died, but now I'm smarter with games, and can get the job done. :3

Just. Amazing. 6 stars! 11/10! Really. Amazing. BTW, when is 3 gonna be out?!!?!

Really great game. Once you've found the mage, cold blood, Frost nova, mana dust. abuse, it's really easy.
Beat Hakkar at level 15. probably could at level 13