Reviews for "Murloc RPG: SF"

Very nice. Gameplay is overall satisfying and looting is especially fun. Graphics and sounds are incredible especially for how long ago this was made. Doesn't seem like there's much difference between classes though.

Anyway my main issue with this game is the gameplay. So many of the battles are the exact same thing - Cold Blood then Pyroblast. Then later you use Frost Nova before that. Later on I did have to mix it up with Adrenaline (usually Frost Nova, Adrenaline, Renew, Frost Nova, Cold Blood, Pyroblast). However most battles are still terribly similar and it makes the game worse off because of it. The amount of time it takes to level up after 15 and the lack of reward is also terrible. Side quests are also a bit straightforward, just a boss rush. Ultimately I got stuck on Helm and Hakkar the Soulflayer at level 16, and the grinding aspect turned me off to going farther.

why no save game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a lvl 70 and now its gone. 3 hours wourth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just. Amazing. 6 stars! 11/10! Really. Amazing. BTW, when is 3 gonna be out?!!?!

Great game! I loved it before and I still do, I played this years before now, I could never figure out and always died, but now I'm smarter with games, and can get the job done. :3

Ever loved this game, i replayed this many many time, so much memories...
For cooldudeomega, NO in wow there are kobold miners, dwarwes (not midget -.-) are in ironforge, not in the mines!