Reviews for "Murloc RPG: SF"

Good game and all dude. But one problem: Why is it I had to give up so much health with the Bloodrage to get ONLY 20 Magic? I'm a Mage on the game, couldn't you AT LEAST let my Energy go up with my level instead of being so low and let the Bloodrage rank up where I sacrifice slightly less health to gain slightly more mana like rank 2 is like 19% health for 25 mana and stuff to max out at rank 10 where it's sacrifice 10% health for 50 mana. Cause it's practically no use almost cause my heals won't save me at all It's more trouble then it's worth to use the Bloodrage at all because it's so Underpowered.

i remember playing when i didn't even understand english! aah the memories! soo good memories!

deaty1 is stupid.

There is a save you need to go to the menu while playing and you will see the Save Game and Load Game

justin7 is stupid too.

Mute the sounds in the menu.

And one more thing.....................I also need the postman for my ass blade(i know it's code it is 100edc85c40ec8832560e7oab6372790

This is a great game! I used to play it a lot, but I had forgotten about it. The mechanics are great and it's very simple, yet fun! The graphics could probably be updated, but whatever! It's a fun game and is very easy to get sucked into, just like the real World of Warcraft.

can you honestly change the BGM when fighting?,it is so annoying!!!!