Reviews for "Murloc RPG: SF"

Nice game, I spent the whole night (about 4-5 hours) to reach 20 lvl and kill hidra and [someone wrote that there is no one after hidra, but you are lazy ass - there is one last boss ~from rumors~]
Thanks for the game, I enjoyed it. But it would be nice to add a 15lvl ring for x3 XP bonus? because~because.. ugh, leveling that last 5 levels was ..hard.. It'd be good (in my opinion) to add a person where I can craft that ring from 4 items [that drops from wolf/tiger/makaka and using a staff from harpy] and maybe a possibility to upgrade a ring to x5 XP using that 20lvl sword from Zul'Gurub instance. Oh and thanks for making it easier to lvl up in this expantion. [Went to play Murloc RPG 2]

Childhood meterial right here.

One thing I want to point out, nerf Helm healing, I sit here watching he spam that skill for 15minutes or at least add Flee or Load Save in that fight. Other wise good game

Got something to say, game is amazing, everyone who dislikes it should all be hit by a car...
Don't look at me, i lost my driver license for almost running over three people!

Hate this game