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Reviews for "The Demon's Gem"


love it! i mean it have 2 or 3 mistakes, but just minorities! great job! and i love the old style animation! congratulations!

Good Joob!

the animation was spectacular!
I immediately recognized Renard's music.eheh...

hmm hu- what? huh?


Amazing :D

I just can't stop watching this! The music fits with this Soooooo well!

Fucking awesome.

Here's what I'm thinking. The ending was a big surprise, but could help in expanding a series. Maybe his girlfriend puts up fliers looking for him. [sad music there plox] That fox dude would obv try to impress some hot fox lady with that diamond. He'd have recurring nightmares. Girlfriend manages to do crazy things to find out what happened to her bf. She finds out, she tuffens up. She then finds that fox dude [insert action here] he runs away. Blah blah more stuff. She brings in Fox dude to appeal the case against her bf, those demon dudes laugh and don't even listen. Stuff like that.

Err, anyways this vid was awesome. Not much else to say but that I'm pressing replay so many times. Keep up the good work!