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Reviews for "The Demon's Gem"

its awesome

its awesome

nostalgic w.d rubber cartoon.

wow reminds me of when my granddad would play old disney shorts like steamboat willy. i was mesmerized by the animation moved and the similarities of the jerboa in the flash with oswald the naughty rabbit. congrats, you get a 10/10

Really really great

Great animation and characters and story and everything, the best one in this round IMO. The third walk cycle in the beginning made me all giggly.

Oh and I hope you finish your first round submission, that one was pretty funny.

Fungasm responds:

I plan to redo it completely after TOFA ends. <:


This was rather well animated and I especially like the retro Fleischer look and the character designs. Must say the ending really surprised me. I was expecting a happy ending for some reason. XD Overall, very good job.

It's well animated, but I don't get the music

It seems odd to hear 16 bit music with an old 1940's "spaghetti-string" animation picture.

It should have more of an orchestra sounding tone.
One with allot of bells and whistles.
All music should be portraying the sound effects.

As it is right now, it's not bad. Just seems off-beat with the music.