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Reviews for "The Demon's Gem"


this animation its incredible, i love the design of ur cartoons, they remember me like Walt Disney's old good movie of mickey mouse and oswald the lucky rabbit, and the music fits perfect with all the plot.

simply amazing, i hope u win the TOFA of this year, u deserve it! xDDD

Ha. Brilliant.

The style, colour, music and animation were all great. Hell, it's good enough to make me leave a review after not reviewing for about 2 years.

It's artistic, funny and has an excellent twist at the end making the viewer beg for more. Definitely shows off your style from The Game Show Fantasy. As a lover of demo/chiptune/mod etcetera, I can tell you I enjoyed every second of the music and how you combined the music into animation.

I look forward to seeing more work from you.
Good luck in TOFA.

It's like my childhood returned...

I remember when I was growing up that along with the Loony Tunes, the classic cartoons my parents grew up watching in the movie theaters would be played on TV alongside them. I was too young when they were on to understand their value, but today, things like this really go deep and touch my sence of nostalgia. The animation was great too, showing the glory of the era where music and animation told the story without voice and color. Thank you for making such a great tribute to a great era of animation. I look forward to your next one if you ever decide to make one.

*nods* awesome

Cute little storyline and the music...wow you always seem to have the most kick ass 8-bit music ever.

Oldschool "Oswald the lucky Rabbit"-style rocks :]

After a year of absence, I came back to newgrounds only to say this: With this animation, you brought me to the wonderful music of Lapfox and I grew a huge fan of it. Thank you so much for using this song for your animation <3