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Reviews for "The Demon's Gem"

what is...

The name of the music? :D


You synced the music and animation amazingly. The poor lil dude though... :/

Great take on old cartoons!

As an avid connoisseur of old cartoons, I have to say that this was excellent and creative. Plus, I think more people on here could learn a few things from them. Other than that...

When it comes to the visuals, if this has the feel of something from Ub Iwerks, Van Beuren, or The Fleischer brothers--and it has--you have done a great job at recreating that aesthetic. The animation was excellent and clever use of black & white. However, the walk cycles could have been a bit smoother. The music may not be something that you'd hear from something made in that era, but I found it to be catchy. Plus, I liked how you had no voices and let the animation tell the story. As for the content, It may not be the funniest cartoon on here, but seeing that you had something original, I won't knock you down. The direction and pacing were excellent, although the aforementioned music prevents this from being considered authentic.

-Great art and animation
-Pays tribute to old cartoons
-Nice music
-Good direction
-Somewhat funny

-The music, while great, is too modern to make this authentic.
-Could have been funnier.

Overall: Here's a ten from a fellow fan of old cartoons.

Its fresh and i love it

The animation style is really nice too, love that classic "steamboat willie". Some of the animation doesnt seem as fluid as some parts though, my only complaint. otherwise with your music/animation style combo you got a recipe for something unique and new. Please make more

Ghehe :p

That was... AWESOME!