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Reviews for "The Demon's Gem"


Strangely familiar. Reminds me of what happened between me and the school. Teacher mistakes me for looking at porn on school property, when I'm trying to print something out. I'm suspended, I fight it, and the judge still picks the school as the winning party, and I'm stuck with the suspension. Great storyline, sure not a happy ending, but great nonetheless. a short animation doesn't need voices or sound to make a great seeing view, and this proves it.

*nods* awesome

Cute little storyline and the music...wow you always seem to have the most kick ass 8-bit music ever.

Pretty good

It had a nice old time feel to it which I liked but, It didn't have much of a storyline, or a happy ending. So they turned him into a gem? Regardless This is still a very good cartoon. Great job friend!

Fungasm responds:

There WAS a storyline. A raccoon steals a gem, and the jerboa gets blamed for someone elses mistake, and is punished for it. What's not to get?

I saw some familair parts

from an old cartoon episode, when the dude was in court with a judge...I cant remember it.

Well done

A very interesting plot, not every ending has to be happy to be awesome.