Reviews for "Sarthak The Unforgivable!"

Funny :D

I love Dino

oh man

I loved this exactly how i loved "Lost Heart, Found Danger". I love your animation skills and your humor too. I realy enjoyed it. It's almost perfect.

I'm sorry i don't give you a 10/10 because of some animators who are just a little better like Adam Phillips and his "The last of the dashkin". But you did a great work.

Impatient to see more.

Ps : Lost heart, Found danger, was excellent, better than when you try to make laugh, there was an wonderfull ambiance, when I watched it I realy was INTO your flash. It's just awesome, should be in the top 50 for me... It's actually MUCH MUCH better than the actual number one : "Bunnykill" because it doens't telle any story... just a gun fighting shit compared to story like yours.

Have a nice day dude, and keep it up, realy

I like it

+Really good animation style, the story has a good flow and I like how we also get tricked at the end. But People are just like "A huge monster is eating people. Aha it is just Sarthak :)" Love that :)

i love how u

put urself in the flash saying u couldnt get egoraptor, lol

great job

ScaredyDave responds:

lol I really tried! He never responded. I believe the joke is funnier if I'm hyping myself up sarcastically anyway lol


deserves a WAY higher score!!

ScaredyDave responds:

Agreed! lol