Reviews for "Sarthak The Unforgivable!"

Godzilla and Jurassic Fart

lmao, that was cute but I recognized all the references from Godzilla and Jurassic Park. Just had me thinking Jurassic Park and Godzilla the whole time I was watching it. Nice animation...fluid and smooth.

ScaredyDave responds:

I actually took alot of reference from both of those on purpose. Well... the Portrait during the credits was direct Homage to that famous scene from Jurassic Park, but Sarthak in general is mainly a T-Rex with longer, monster like arms and a fin to make him a sea monster. I've always been obsessed with Dinosaurs ("Dinosaur" was actually my first word!) yet I've never been able to animate one until (sort of) now lol. I didn't want his face to look too common, so I reference the American Godzilla movie because I liked the "large lower chin" thing they did with him. I'm sensing some hostility towards Jurassic Park O.O; so Ill stray from that topic lol, but Im glad you enjoyed it!

uh i believe I would say woot?

the animation was near perfect, it made me laugh which is rarity, and I was all around entertained even with my furous ADD! Good job, first 10 I've given in... like a year

ScaredyDave responds:

I'm honored! I shall say "woot!" as well!


What's up with people today? everywhere on newgrounds, people gives a shitty movie a 10, people even gives stickman movies a 10... but this is a 4, 7 etc? This was a good video, with great animations, and humor. i liked it, keep up the good work dude :)
Man... people r strange..

ScaredyDave responds:

Hey thanks man! That meant alot! Ive been getting kind of down seeing the reviews for this entry and this perked me up a bit. :)

Not my thing

Didn't really see the link with the theme, and wasn't too keen on the humour, but liked it better than your last entry

ScaredyDave responds:

Sarthak was being wrongfully accused as a normal person wearing a costume, even though he was clearly a giant monster. And you gave it a 4 even though you liked it more than my other entry? You must've hated "Lost Heart, Found Danger" then!

First rule at costume convetions.

Always check for nametags.