Reviews for "Sarthak The Unforgivable!"

Too late mate!

Crazy people.

That was fun

I have a couple of parties I'd like Sarthak to crash!

HAHAHAHA Very funny! :)

For the next episode maybe consider a bit of furry drama between Sarthak a "Tumbles the Stairdragon"!

I can just bet that in a short time there will also be some RULE 34 fan art of Sarthak floating around the net! ;)

Now, how many furries do you think will show up at a con with a Sarthak fursuit in the near future? Someone will do it for sure!

ScaredyDave responds:

Haha! Oh Jesus I hope I don't see any Rule 34 of Sarthak! Although I'd feel a little accomplished if I managed to make something worth 34ing, Id still feel weirded out! lol On the other hand, I will personally take a picture with, high five, and possibly even pay anyone I see wearing a Sarthak costume to Comic Con or something. That would be the ultimate honor!


Cheesy, but funny.


this was funny, but i think i actually preferred it without the ending, i liked the idea that the massive lizard was the real sarthak and they all loved him.

ScaredyDave responds:

I actually was thinking the same thing for a while, but I thought this way kind of tied it all up a little easier (and helped solidify the theme.) I definitely almost went (and probably would have went) that route if it wasn't part of the tournament! By the way, I am HIGHLY honored with your review, I love your work man!