Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"


Great Game I Have To Say

Gave up 3 stars on slides

Slides are fricking hard :/

ever get that feeling

when u have to do something very mind boggling and requires total patience,and then u lose it?yeah i get that feeling all the time,and this game is one of the sources!so you can say it did its job i suppose!

Someone should make a game called I Wanna Lose

And the object is to fail the most possible ways, no timer, maybe levels, and NEEDS TO BE HILARIOUS!!!

The best game I've ever played.

This was a very amazing game, good graphice, easy to win, and you can take a very long break from the game without forgetting anything such as which character to talk to or their personality seeing as there are no character throwing in another good thing: no hard to say names are needed to be remembered.