Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"

Haha. I like to win (:

I found this game very fun to play. Maybe it was just me, but i also found getting three stars incredibly hard to get ):

Thank you very much for your reviews!

I'll answer some of the statements in them:
- Yes, indeed, the original intention was to make the receiving the cup to be quite easy, but gaining all the 3 stars everywhere - to be more challenging. Judging from your reviews, this task was fulfilled :)

In the "Checkmate" level I intentionallymade so that the both mate and stalemate would be regarded as the victory. As Eorifj said, one my aims was to exclude the "fail" situations, and the other - to let those players who don't know chess rules in details, to win, too.

I actually credited ClickPlay as the great representatives of this genre.

And a tip how to blow up 9 bombs at once on Match 3 level. First, you can continue playing even after the glass is broken.
Then, take a look at this pattern (the pluses are the bombs):


Currently, there are no 3 bombs in a row. But if you place the 9th bomb in the middle of the top row, all the 9 bombs will explode.


this game is 25 lvls of win. literaly

Beat it!

A great little game, lots of fun. I managed to get all the stars, and you know what, the hardest one for me was the 3rd Arcanoid one! Even the sliding puzzle at the end was easier to me, course I'm really good at those. :P

Hope to see a sequal some day. Great job.

This Is...

My Victory! Oops! I Mean This Is... NOT SPARTA!!! Yup Its Really My Victory.