Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"

Fuck you, game creator.

I know that you set out to *exploit* my OCD and competitiveness with this game. I know your fucking ploy. Right when I read the name, I said to myself 'no I don't no I don't no I don't no I yes I do.' I just sat there for 20 minutes, completing levels 1 through 25, when suddenly, I see 'hurr hurr, additional completion objectives!' I immidiately thought, 'psh, who needs THOSE? Not like I.... need to... prove anything...' Next thing I know, an hour and 20 minutes had passed as I gained 72 stars, and then another 30 to figure out how to fucking beat the puzzle in >35 moves! Hey, guess what! I did it in 34, fucker! >:(

I enjoyed it

I really enkoyed it, im pretty good at sliding puzzles so i didnt think the last level was that hard but the one level that took me FOREVER to pass (with all three gold stars) was number 15 i hate that one soooo much.

Stay entertained, my friends

I don't always review flash games,

But when I do, it's because I've made them my bitch.

10'd because I enjoyed wasting my time to accomplish 3-stars on everything and I thoroughly enjoyed the different criteria for each game.

Yes...I too share the loathing of the slider

I still beat it, it took a while. Though actually my main prob was with the block breaker one....Its kinda unfair/pointless since there is no dynamics to the ball, no matter which way you try to hit it, it is always gonna go the same direction till it hits a wall

Damn Sliding Puzzles.

I quit. Fuck you.