Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"

God I HATE sliding puzzles!

Very nicely done.

ever get that feeling

when u have to do something very mind boggling and requires total patience,and then u lose it?yeah i get that feeling all the time,and this game is one of the sources!so you can say it did its job i suppose!

Ahhh addictive!!

Three stars in everything except the sliding puzzle, I only have one there! D:

This is a great game

And one thing to one of your 'fans,' CHILL THE FUCK OUT DIABOLOCRACY!!
So you got all the stars. Big freakin whoop. And the puzzle in 34 moves, i dont want to piss you off, but i did it in 32. SERIOUS.

Gave up 3 stars on slides

Slides are fricking hard :/