Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"


man 25 level is hard

i dont get it

what am i supposed to do


Damn i lost :(

I got all 75 stars

When Ricky Bobby was a child he said, "I wanna go fast!" When Charlie Sheen was a child he said, "I Wanna Win!" The beginning levels were easy when you were just trying to win and not get stars, last level I needed walkthrough for. Getting all of the stars was pretty hard though. There is not much you can improve on except for length.

Beat it!

A great little game, lots of fun. I managed to get all the stars, and you know what, the hardest one for me was the 3rd Arcanoid one! Even the sliding puzzle at the end was easier to me, course I'm really good at those. :P

Hope to see a sequal some day. Great job.