Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"

Not bad

It was fun for a little while but by the end i was happy it was over .

its good very good

the last level so boring
the rest so good
some i can't get out XD

cute and simple

good game for it's simplicity.

seriously lacking substance

this game lacked a challenge that was attainable through skill, any challenge was pretty much luck if you wanted all 3 stars.

You could have easily improved this game by making the challenges difficult by changing what qualifies for three stars for instance the puzzle one, make it by time and not moves, arachnid was what finally made me write this, the game has difficulty in all of the wrong ways

Someone should make a game called I Wanna Lose

And the object is to fail the most possible ways, no timer, maybe levels, and NEEDS TO BE HILARIOUS!!!