Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

Great game

can anyone tell me how to change the costume. The ending was disapointing and i know Nate isnt real, but i still want to rip his throught out his ass

You need a whole entire day to play this game...

Holy freaking wow... This game was unbelievable. It took me my whole day (plus my regular routine). I love playing games like this, the be someone else and all. Everything was realistic as a game. The school and map was set up perfectly. Also, the people and their characters were so real. Like that fat kid jacking off secretly. Hahaha soo funny. So was the dildo in the trophies cabinet.

The only problem I had was the ending... almost everyone hated my character AND someone was dead. I mean, what happened to the other two missing? But I thought to myself, this is what keeps everyone excited and just waiting for the part 2, just like me!!! Keep working hard and make the second one even better!

the ending

great game i deffiently think that there should be a part two. Ending was a little freaky

Slack-offs university

its a great game but was to slow on my computer so i didnt get into it as much as i wanted tom it should definitly be gamme of the week.

it reminds me of bully but with a less violent story...