Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

toottoot i think that your computer is slow

i think this is a great game so far i have not finished it yet

Perfect Game

i played it 100% and i must say i love this game really much, the storyboard was fun and the sidemissions too :D This game remembers me for a game on ps2 which is called BULLY, i love this genre of games :D i cant wait for Part 2 !!!!!! <3
Ps: Sry for my bad english.

One of the greatest games I've ever played.

I loved this games story, and the characters were very colorful and interesting. There is One question I have, however, for anyone who can answer it (SPOILER ALERT): Does everyone hate you in the end no matter what you do? I beat the shit out of Nate and now everyone thinks I'm a douche. And secondly, to GP Studios, is Dave imaginary or something? No-one notices him except you, he always seems to show up very conveniently, and when you mention him to Nate, he seems confused. My only other complaint is that, being American, some of the british sayings didn't really make sense to me. For example, I still have to idea what the fuck "Bangers and Mash" are (On the lunch and dinner menu). One last thing I don't understand is being able to continue playing. No one hates you anymore after you "Beat" the game, and everything seems normal, even after your "discovery" at the end. Is it supposed to be like that didn't happen? Other than that, I loved the audio/visual, great secrets, and hilarious characters.

GP-studios responds:

1. No matter what you do people will hate you after the Party.
2. Bangers and mash, is mashed potato and sausages.
3. We had to do that at the end of the game to allow people to go back and earn 100% completion. So yes in effect once you've completed it, it rolls back to before the party and everyone you talk to it is pre-party dialogue.
There wasn't really a better way to do it without having to create a whole new atmosphere and sort of continuing the game.
As Part 2 will start immediately where Part 1 ended, that wasn't something we thought we could do.

Thanks for your comments.


This might as well be one of the best games on Newgrounds. The story is just enticing and just gets the player hooked in the game. As soon as I started playing the game I was immediately interested in the concept. It's been done before. But you executed it with great skill. The scriptwriting juvenile, yes, but that adds to the atmosphere (so does the quite hilarious flatulence mod). The story is convincing and attention-grabbing. The ending demands for more. And the way you gave every single character an identity, it's just magnificent. That's good attention to detail, it's really impressive. My only problem would be the stairs. It's quite slow going up and down. Everything else is pretty good. I do believe this deserves a higher score than 4.22. Congratulations as well, this is one of my Favorite games on Newgrounds.

I Rarely Write Reviews ..

.. Only for fantastic things! This game is very very very good! You did very well on this!