Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"


Not just solid, adamantium reinforced with granite, laced with anti-magic runes and defense enchanted solid, with an energy barrier around it that can take power equal to several hundred nukes solid.

Gameplay is simple, which is rather good actually. It makes it rather easy to get into play, after you pass the introductions, especially the tutorials. I'd say the dialogue box interface could be improved. Whenever I want to skip and fill up the box to just read outright, there's simply too much and it causes it to go into scroll.

At first, it's annoying, but takes time getting used to. Another gripe is the staircase. Not all that major, but at the start it can affect how we enjoy the game. Going up and down stairs are generally uneventful, I personally recommend just skipping the entire go-up-and-down stairs sequence, and just go straight to the next floor or the floor below once you reach the stairs. Of course, also took time getting used to, but since nothing happens in-between going up and down stairs, it is just generally pointless.

The writing is, perhaps some of the best I've seen. There is a brand of black humor about school in this entire flash, and it is rather involving, considering we've all been in school in our lives, so it is sometimes relateable. The addition of humor, and that this is an entire cast of snowflakes makes it even better. The fact that there is a profile on every student, with all of them having something different to each other, really took the cake. I can't say too much about the plot, I've yet to see it all, but I hope the rest of this series does not disappoint.

Overall, really good. The fact that I sat here for hours just playing proves it's good. And to those poor, impatient and generally incompetent sods who can't get past the starting pace being slow. You guys are really missing out. There is just simply, so much depth in this one flash game, it's incredible.

GP-studios responds:

Thanks for your comments :)
I agree that the stairs animation is a bit slow, so we'll definitely look at that for Part 2.

It's high school all over again.

Lots of good and entertaining games can be found on this site, but from time to time absolutely stunning ones appear. This is one of those games.

The plot is set with great skill and is truly interesting, mini games are fun and challenging but not too difficult, the world is big and there's lot to discover... I mean, come on, this game feels more like a console than a flash game. The length was more than enough for a flash game and this was only the first part!

If I'dd say a single word of complaint about this game, I would be lying. These kind of games are the ones I visit this site for.

wow really nice game

excellent work, but the translation into Spanish is very poor quality.
I find it frustrating trying to understand what the characters mean (in my native language)
reach the point of not understanding what they were saying.

I had to play in English: (

just loved it!



Really great game! BEtter than bully imo, just low budget. understandably. Only problem i have is that i keep getting stuck walking when iw alk in a direction. This happens on a few flash games but meh, a minor annoyance. GREAT GAME!
BTW; Good music, i noticed 1 of the beats from adult swim. MF Doom i htink.

GP-studios responds:

If you're using Internet Explorer try it in Chrome or Firefox.

Very good game!

Good sounds & animations, the story is catchy as well.


Only thing I can say is my prediction (90% certain of it) that Dave is a part of the player's mind. He didn't have a student file, a locker and no interaction with the others, when the player brings him on a mission to take pictures and anounce him to nate, nate just goes "who's dave", as if he did not exist and while it would be expected from a character such as Nate, the other facts tend to make my point obvious and I feel that in the part 2, this will be the player painfully realizing that he murdered all the people.


Overall, great game, keep up the good work and I hope to be equaly impressed by part 2.