Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

Slow. So slow.

I would love to play this game but it has been 5 minutes and I am at 4%
Oh wait... now at 7%...
So so far my big thing is the time it takes loading:
With high speed internet this took about 10 min to load. (which is why it did not get all 10 stars)

Now about the game itself:
First of all, it is awesome that it supports 5 languages (even if I can only
understand 2)
The music is great, not repetitive at all and really fits in with the whole game
The graphics are very smooth and clean, though gameplay is a bit slow when switching and skipping scenes. With that went a bit quicker. As well as
walking/running around is still slow at times and can be a bit unresponsive.
There is a lot of stuff to do in this game, it has humor to it as well and i got some chuckles. Would just really like to see this game move a bit faster.

way too laggy

i couldn't get through the first map. it moves way too laggy and the intro was so long i forgot the controls. there is no way you can try and compare this to pico

Good job

Very interesting game , good music and graphics , its awesome that game support
5 languages , not only english . Thanx for your submition :)

Good game.

Still under judgement but on the front page... strange combo.

i like it!

ok graphics and so far a nice playlist really good :DD
btw first comment ftw XD