Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

i like it except....

this is a great game but i cant even get the first mission done because of the keys sticking. its really annoying but it still a good game...

GP-studios responds:

This is a problem with Internet Explorer and CPU Intensive flash games.
Try another browser and likely it will run just fine.

I cant help...

That this is Awesome!I just wish i could play as a girl! anyway its really good game :3

is there some kinda problem?

i have been playing for a long time here in this site but did not made any attempt to make my own account... i only did it NOW because of YOUR game. it doesn't let me save. naturally i would've given up, but since your game is interesting, i want to go and keep trying. this will be my fourth try.... still i give you a high score 'cause its witty and ridiculous (and because the characters are hilarious).

Very good game!

Good sounds & animations, the story is catchy as well.


Only thing I can say is my prediction (90% certain of it) that Dave is a part of the player's mind. He didn't have a student file, a locker and no interaction with the others, when the player brings him on a mission to take pictures and anounce him to nate, nate just goes "who's dave", as if he did not exist and while it would be expected from a character such as Nate, the other facts tend to make my point obvious and I feel that in the part 2, this will be the player painfully realizing that he murdered all the people.


Overall, great game, keep up the good work and I hope to be equaly impressed by part 2.

Purely excellent.

I don't even know how to describe this game. Its got a great sense of humor, a large map to explore, a wicked story, a high level of interactivity incorporated in it, kickass music, and decent graphics. I must say, you put alot of effort, and it appears you were quite passionate about it the whole way. If the sun's testicles dropped as low as how great a game this is, they would shine all over this land. Nuff said. Looking forwards to Part 2. Keep up the great work.