Reviews for "Wasted Youth, Part 1"

Great game, but...

RPG? I think you're better at shooting games, no matter what others say.
However, it's still one of the best games I see on NG, so I'm not complainin'.
And bug: If I reload the screen multiple times, the sounds in the game turn off. Game or computer? Answer please.
Otherwise, great game. 9/10, 5/5.

i hate clifhangers so so much

but it works for this

Dave isn't real!

No one else sees him, he is not in the computer. The main character is suffering from scizophrenia and Dave is a manifestation if his disease. Dave is a hallucination!

Great Game!

I really enjoyed it! can't wait for part 2

Does not work.

This game seems really fun, but he will not move. I tried seeing if it was my laptop's fault and every other game worked fine except this one. Unless you can figure out how I am able to play this game, I am rating this low. Sorry.

GP-studios responds:

This is a bug with CPU intensive flash games and Internet Explorer.
That is probably why you don't get it with the other games you tried.

We have added a warning screen into the game, please try Chrome or Firefox and see if it solves the problem.