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Reviews for "Bowlees"

Nice Game !!!!

Really its FULL of Fun, I like this Physics game very much.......

great game, if it were the only 1

Its a nice game on its own but we've seen things like this before. I think its a shame that physics engines are mostly used to create rip-offs like these.
The game itself has a happy kind ambience, good job on that.

I LOVE the angry birds rip off.

Don't get me wrong, this is a pretty good game and will make it through but.. It IS angry birds. You can't deny it. Just with bowling balls and pins.

Good game though.

9 - 10

4 - 5

A thoroughly enjoyable experience

This game is much like the well-known 'Dummy Never Fails' Game, with a few other elements in it, plus some cute characters! I thought this was a pretty decent game, although there wasn't enough progressive new stuff after awhile to keep me that interested.