Reviews for "Take This Pill"

it had some good messages

and some rather trollish messages too.

a good message: pain thing (if ur not 12, you know that pain is needed for not breaking ur bones)
a bad message: rapist thing

Doki responds:

"Trollish"? Life isn't a big internet forum.

hi dude


Love the voice acting, the style and everything.

And now i have a gift for you:
&%@^&%@#^$# :):):):):) bububub



The animation is really not my style, but my eyes got used to it due to the funny original content!! YOU SCORE A 10!

Great Stuff

Flash tech. was cool and weird. But the script, pure BRILLIANTNESS

Deep, yet really funny.

this woman died unsure, she is hurting the community... I loved it. excellent work man.