Reviews for ""Frank's Masterpiece""

Quite different

I had no idea that Hank was in cartoons besides the Pencilmation series. The coolest thing about this was the animation. I am surprised it does not have a higher score, because while it didn't use meta concepts, it was still great. It's also strange because Hank actually seems to get what he wants in the end. It kind of makes you wonder what masterpiece it would have been. Probably your next submission, knowing you.

Everything was just so vibrant and there was a great sense of dimension. I did not need to see Hank's little penis flapping around. I guess he's supposed to be an adult, but he sure acts like a child. It was interesting to see such zany antics as can be expected of someone like him. Yeah "Lawrence Of Arabia" was a great movie too.

Not your best...

Mister Bollinger, I do believe that this wasn't your greatest episode yet, I thought that although it was funny in some places, like when Hank starts jumping on the trampoline embarrassing Frank and when Frank slipped up on his speech, I have defiantly seen better from your previous episodes, for starters, there was no pencil, I do believe that the pencil could try to stop Hank, another suggestion: Hank could say something at the end like "Thank-you" or something similar.

Well done though, looking forward to seeing more of Hank (and possibly Frank).

Your fan,


What a little bugger :)

:D that was funny

haha that was a great movie, i love that guys eyes rollin around and twitched, i almost felt bad for him. :) keep up the great work!

Talking is taking with an L

Through your last few uploads you've added color and speech to Hank's Adventures, however, with this episode, I feel that the addition of speech has constricted the way you present Hank, as well as the addition of color seems to break away from the feel of the older pencilimation episodes. I've been a big fan for a while, and while this episode was good, I feel that color and formal speech lessened its greatness. Then again, this isn't necessarily a pencilimation episode, just a short with Hank, so I guess I cannot compare the two anymore, as they seem to be separating slowly. Still, I could imagine the podium man spouting off garbled speech and still achieving the same output, if not a better one.

Your videos are evolving whether I like it or not, so remember; this is your creation, not mine.