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histoire de Deik (mon perso):
Les parents de Deik sont quand il avait 15 ans maintenant il veut les venger.Pour cela,il appelle diable,Hank,Sanford et Deimos
Hank:la télé...la télé...la télé
diable:aller 360 noscope dans ta face (en fait il joue a Call of Duty II sur le PC)
Deimos:can't stop the feeling !! in you dance,dance,dance
Sanford:(tire dans le milieu de la cible)DAB (fait le dab)
Deik:lel mon équipe elle est forte mais elle est extremement fort sur les jeux
a suivre (partie 2 dans Madness scene creator 7.5

i found the feets!!! in front of jebus sniper are feets

No feets?
Edit: nvm i found it.

not a very great one

In a non-canon universe where Tricky died once shot after MC5, Hank finally joins the AAHW, and because of this, they renamed the agency to AAMWR (Agency Against Madness Without Reason). When Sanford and Deimos were sent to there they got hit by the same flying party that hit them in 5.5, and after 6.5, they got to Hank. They realized he was in the MWR base, so they searched for him there. Deimos thought he found them, and shot the person, but it was just Biro, the new mercenary. Deimos looked again at the radar and realized that Hank was right infront of the counter with the TV. Biro then tells them the information was recently downloaded and the AAMWR wouldn't stand a chance. Hank drops a tear and comes out, and then shoots them all. He spared Biro because they were good friends. He took the USB drive and took it to the AAMWR. Biro knew what to do. But not by himself. He needed to kill his good friend.