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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"

Not bad. Audio was off, but good animation

I watched this cause I thought it was porn -.-

PS: ...you bastard

Are you kidding?

Animations a little rough but still would have made a great start to the series, why did you throw this out?

Alright for a scrapped project

Things like the stabbing could have been either drawn with more frames to match the sound or the sound matched just a half second back on track with the rest of the movie. I gotta say for the scrapped project I would of loved to see this as a five minute short. None the less I pass it.
Also: British accents were nice except two things... One being that I could hardly understand the bald guy, and two being that when the main character talks in her head I had to turn my sound up as it was just enough to be low that I couldn't hear. (it could be only me as my hearing sucks). Turned it back down for all the other talking though.

Thanks for the wonderful first scrapped movie since I have been gone from NG for my short time that I was.

Jawnie responds:

Glad you liked it. The illegibility of the bald guy was intentionable, though I may have gone overboard with it...

question time

as far as im concerned, she dislikes people who this they're stronger then anyone she sees, correct? technically, whouldn't she hate herself? think about, yes she killed a man, but what were THEY going to do?

Jawnie responds:

Her rational is actually something quite different. It will be explained in time...

it did kill some time

Well, like what was said at the end. This video did kill some time. I didn't hate it so that's a plus. I like the art, nice that you took the time to shade and not just draw lines and all. and it's a intro. So i think it's okay. but only okay. I feel intro's should be a little, Well you did make me remember it, but you know flashy too.