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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"

it was funny

but i could hardly understand the guy in the white


Though there wasn't much story going on I did like the style and the appealing animation I saw for 2 sec when she shrugs. Could use improvement though, but all in all it was presentable and interesting, the voice acting was pretty good too. I'll look out for the next episode.

Well the ending gave an O face for a second.

I saw that the animation was indeed rushed, but still it wasn't exactly bad, in fact this shows a lot of promise. With a little bit more work and love this series will shine.

its a waterfall

that stabbing sequence was a bit excessive dontcha think

Jawnie responds:

Nah, man.

this is tasteless

that girl must have crawled from the gates of hell. and that guy who just got stabbed in the head. I didn't understand a word he just said. this is a horrifying flash. but on the other hand this wasn't haft bad at all.