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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"


Though there wasn't much story going on I did like the style and the appealing animation I saw for 2 sec when she shrugs. Could use improvement though, but all in all it was presentable and interesting, the voice acting was pretty good too. I'll look out for the next episode.

animation was good

but thats about it though

it was funny

but i could hardly understand the guy in the white

Not Bad

The stabbing climax needed a bit more "bang" to it and it sounded like the voice actors couldn't make up there mind as to what accent to use. Otherwise not a bad effort!

Jawnie responds:

It's set in England, but that doesn't necessarily mean all characters are english.

this is great

good animation & stuff, liked the humor (splatch..splatch, kinda like the thingy that people always poke dead people with a stick)