Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"

I'd hit it

Animation seemed a bit smoother in your last one. Also, she has a winning personality.

Jawnie responds:

Most of this was done a while ago.

My last submission was all done more recently and, therefore, looks better. It's a better representation of what future episodes will be like in terms of animation quality.


Someone who is just like me!

Also great video

well done

just need to work on it and it will be great


just wondering when she was hinting that she was going into the dark ally alone away from the public eye was she trying to get them to do her, or did she want to fight them? ::::::::Author please respond::::::

Jawnie responds:

She was trying to provoke them to attempt to mug her. Guess in my rush I didn't make it clear enough.

Well the ending gave an O face for a second.

I saw that the animation was indeed rushed, but still it wasn't exactly bad, in fact this shows a lot of promise. With a little bit more work and love this series will shine.