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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"


lol you need a real british voice actor for those street thugs at the start, as it was kinda clear they were ment to be English Chavs from the hoodie one, but the bold one sounded like a character from Pop-Eye.

Jawnie responds:

They were done with real british voice actors...

Very Tarantino-ish

I doubt there's THAT much blood inside of a human skull, but that being said, this was brilliant. She seemed like a typical, anti-social, don't-give-a-f*** kinda teen... and then that happens. Is this scene going to be redone for thet actual first episode, or are we forgetting about those two guys entirely?

Jawnie responds:

The first proper episode is going to be an entirely new script/plot. I don't really consider this a proper episode, just a failed experiment/test episode, so it won't really be a part of the whole series. The series starts for real with episode 1.


A new meaning of i got time to kill. Lol. I liked it and Edith's personallity. Great job!

Good stuff!

I really like your animation style!

The only complaint I would have would be voice volume levels where a bit low.

Hope to see more of Edith and her stabbing ways, I wonder where this story is going. Keep them coming please!

its a waterfall

that stabbing sequence was a bit excessive dontcha think

Jawnie responds:

Nah, man.