Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"


Reminds a lot of my bad side by watching this.
Hope to see more and i don't find this sloppy at all. (=

question time

as far as im concerned, she dislikes people who this they're stronger then anyone she sees, correct? technically, whouldn't she hate herself? think about, yes she killed a man, but what were THEY going to do?

Jawnie responds:

Her rational is actually something quite different. It will be explained in time...


can't tell you how many times I've wanted to kill some one because they think they're the toughest piece of shit on the block. Last time I checked, knife beats muscle.

World's most boring sociopath.

It's hard to comment on much of this given its unfinished nature but there are a few things worth bringing up based on the little you've shown.

First of all I sincerely hope you have something more to make this series of yours interesting beyond Edith because based on what little was shown she is utterly dull. She lacks wit, personality, and doesn't even seem to have something as cliche as being a vampire or demon to make her interesting or relatable. Yes she's mentally unstable but so what? If you're going to keep her to being a very stoic and dry character she at least needs to have some wit or clever dialogue to make her fun to watch, and if you intend on making her playful then that personality needs to really shine through at all times.

For the rest of this episode's aspects, the art was pretty good, animation was virtually non-existent(more like an animated comic), and while Edith and most of the characters had decent voice work the two punks were awful. I actually needed to watch it again just to understand what in the world they were talking about, and that was with knowing British slang such as fag and quid.

I'm curious to see your first real episode, but I do hope that it will actually show us why this will be a series worth sticking around for.

Jawnie responds:

Pretty much my own opinion of this episode, I'm quite surprised it's been as well received as it has. The crappy dialogue was one of the main reasons I considered scraping it. The lack of enthusiasm in finishing it then lead to the lazy animation. All issues that will be addressed when the the series starts for real with episode 1.

But, yeah, I pretty much agree with what you said.

weird but good

could develop into a really good series although the voice acting for the two guys was terrible. other then that really well done.