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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"

Dear MicFire999.....

go fornicate your self with a 9ft by 3 in pole. Because this is a character that about 30 to 40% of the world can connect to, me included. Now onto my review. The animation and story was good but the voice acting for the now dead male character was....almost unlegible. Other then that everything was ok. 9/10 5/5

i liked it

alought i could use a quality button would have been better with out that fuzz


Although your animating skills are good, this animation was horrible.

It is a bitch, that is psychopathic and enjoys killing. She is socially awkward and insults people just trying to be nice.

Not a character many people will try and connect with.

Not bad

The animation was very good and the main character is interesting as well, very dark. I did notice some problems though, the voices weren't lined up during the part she met with those two guys, I could see his mouth open and then like a few seconds later his voice would just be played, but maybe it's just my computer or something. Either way, it was fantastic and I hope to see more episodes in the near future. Great job!

Not bad for rushed, not bad at all.

Very interesting main character with lots of room for development. Twisted and macabre, but almost makes you feel sad for her at the same time. I'm rather curious as to what your next direction for this will be. As it was rushed, I think I'll forgive the one character's audio and lack of understandable language. I did however appreciate the artistic styling. Hope to see more.