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Reviews for "CT Scrapped test"

very good...

I was expecting somthing a little more "dark", but I really liked the animation, kinda cartoon like but goes really well with the concept and doesn't fall into anime cliches.
I would like to see how the characters develop in the next chapters

sorry if my english is bad by the way XD


a mad renegaded girl, cool

These actions go through my mind every day.

Pretty well animated, but the voices could be a little better, I could hardly understand that bald chav. (he was meant to be a chav, right?). And the girls (is it Edith?) doesnt seem to suit her personality or looks. Despite these problems, I really quite enjoyed this animation.

sum up my life

right when she salls the shop guy a faggot also stay on this type of animation i personally haven't seen animation like this you make it your own maybe


She is not a very friendly person I take it.